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Product Photos  [click for a larger view on the image ]

high pressure pre-heater for VOEST-Alpine Donawitz

disposal of heatexchangers pre-heater for natural-gas at the power-plant Dürnrohr

condenser for carrier-oil heating up to 285°C with 80bar steam at the Funder-factory Neudörfl

medium pressure heating condenser installed at the district-heating plant Linz-Mitte

two out of ten heating condensers installed at the district-heating plant München Süd, overall thermal power 500MW

condensation-station for the FH Regensburg, this station is able to work in overpressure and vacuum range

complete steam-generator-station for humidification-steam for a building air-condition

Vacuum-condenser for the combined heat and power plant in Linz with a diameter of 2800mm and about 10m of length.